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A Box of Healthy Books

Hey, all,

Look what arrived on my doorstep last week–my latest titles from Amicus: INSIDE MY HEART, INSIDE MY LUNGS, and INSIDE MY MUSCLES.

Narrated by characters students will identify with, these super-informative books take readers on a journey inside their bodies. Eye-catching illustrations bring the texts to life.

Check out this description of the Inside My Body series on Amicus’ website:


Thanks, Amicus!

4 Responses to “A Box of Healthy Books”

  1. Dionna says:

    What a lovely series, Jody! Every elementary school classroom needs a set! Happy Bookday!

  2. jodyjs says:

    Thanks, Dionna! 🙂

  3. Those look great, congratulations!

  4. jodyjs says:

    Thank you, Marcia. The illustrations are so awesome and appealing for kids. Shout out to Teresa Alberini!

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