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COACH FLOATS, the sound of oa

The Child’s World, Jan 1, 2020

ISBN: 9781503835382

PreS-Gr 2—Vowel blends are explored through short, quirky narratives in these charming titles. Each book takes a vowel blend and shares a story to show its use in a real-world setting; for example, two spies are looking for different types of pie in the book exploring “ie.” About five to 10 different words using the particular vowel blend are incorporated into the narratives. The repeated use of these vowel blends helps developing readers identify words and spelling patterns in the context of an amusing, enjoyable story. Each page features one to two sentences against a bright, primary-colored background and a photograph that corresponds with the text. Emerging readers could use these titles independently or with an adult. A word list is provided at the end. VERDICT A first purchase for libraries in need of titles teaching vowel blends or spelling patterns.” School Library Journal

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