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Time of Honor

TIME OF HONOR by Margo Sorenson

Dear Friends,

You may remember back in May 2012 when I interviewed Margo Sorenson about her just-released book ALOHA FOR CAROL ANN.  Margo has a brand new tween ebook out, and I’m excited to tell you about it.

In TIME OF HONOR (MuseItUp Publishing, Canada), fourteen-year-old Connor’s smart mouth gets her in and—luckily—out of trouble on her prep school’s debate team and in the classroom.

On a field trip to the U.K., when she is suddenly catapulted into the year 1272, she finds her new royal friends’ lives are threatened by a conspiracy fueled by greed. When William and Maud learn that their father has been murdered on the Crusade, they beg Connor to help them find who is plotting against them. William must confront his enemy in battle, but what does Connor discover about herself and her ability to use words when she tries to save her new friends—and herself?

Author of twenty-eight books for young readers, Margo has won recognition and awards for her work, including being honored by ALA nominations and being named a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award in YA Fiction. TIME OF HONOR is available through online retailers such as Amazon.com.  Read more about Margo on her website, www.margosorenson.com.

Congratulations, Margo.  And happy reading, all!


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