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Update: Children’s Literature Festival

We didn’t have time to see everyone, but here’s who we did see and loved:

Cheryl Harness, author/illustrator and all-around comedian. She’s a hoot! And such a talented person. I can’t imagine ever getting tired of hearing her stories or seeing her draw. Secret: for awhile in her early career, she created designs on tissue boxes. She called herself the “snot rag queen.”

Eileen Christelow, author/illustrator of the FIVE LITTLE MONKEYS books and others. Quiet, unassuming, fun.

Sneed Collard III, author. I’ve heard him speak before and didn’t miss a chance to hear him again. In addition to being a great creative nonfiction writer (A PLATYPUS, PROBABLY), he’s ventured into midgrade novels, where I’m sure he’ll find an audience as well.

Barbara Robinson, author (THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER). Down to earth and funny, Barbara is the antithesis of the author prima donna. She uses a typewriter to produce her works. Her favorite book as a child? TREASURE ISLAND.

Roland Smith, author and crazy man (CRYPTID HUNTER, JACK’S RUN, ZACK’S LIE, TENTACLES). He was a tornado in blue jeans. Funny, poignant, captivating, interesting, serious scientist, goofy author. They put him in the auditorium because so many people wanted to see him–and that was just for the presentation I attended. This guy is a rock star.

What a great festival!

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