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I love talking with kids about reading, writing, and books! (Scroll down for pics and recommendations!) Just reach out, and we’ll make it happen. 

School visits begin with a talk about my life as an author. I bring in materials to show how books are created, from the first idea through illustration to publication. We’ll talk about where ideas come from and the revising and editing manuscripts go through. Then we’ll see a PowerPoint of images showing how books are made. Finally, we’ll read my book(s) and do a Q&A. All of my presentations are interactive and fun! For younger audiences, presentations that focus on interactive story times, instead of in-depth discussions of the writing process, work best. Want me to speak about something else–poetry, researching nonfiction subjects, writing workshop with your class, a different book, etc? Just ask!

Jody Jensen Shaffer Author Visits 2022-2023 (printable)

That’s a GREAT Idea! (Grades K-1) 30 minutes

Have you ever heard “I don’t know what to write”? No problem! In this session, we’ll talk about how to get great ideas, using EMERGENCY KITTENS! as our focus book.

You’ve Got Cow Power! (Grades 2-3) 45 minutes

Jody will share the journey of her debut picture book, PRUDENCE, THE PART-TIME COW, finalist for the 2019-2020 Show Me Award and Missouri’s choice for the 2017 National Book Festival! She’ll focus on the writing process all writers use.

Rock What You Write! (Grades 4-5) 45 minutes

Jody will share how she became a children’s author and apply the lessons she learned to her punny, nonfictiony-fiction picture book, A CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK, a 2021-2022 Iowa Goldfinch Award nominee. And we’ll take a sneak peek inside the publishing industry (where students become agents and editors)!

2022-2023 Rates


$450 one session (within 40 miles of my home)
$700 two sessions
$1000 full day (three sessions)

Plus current mileage, if I drive, and other applicable travel expenses: airfare, transportation, lodging, meals.

NOTE: I’ll send you a contract to confirm all the details once we’ve decided on a date. Fees are payable the day of my visit. No more than 75 kids/presentation, please.

Think you can’t afford to bring an author to your school? Here are some creative ways others have done it! Successful Author Visits (And How to Pay for Them)

$300 one session

$650 full day (three sessions)


“Our students and staff LOVED having Jody visit our building! Her interactive, thoughtful presentation helped expose students to the writing process and her kind, easy-going nature made her visit a breeze! She is welcome back any time!” – Megan Bright, Librarian, Lillian Schumacher Elementary, Liberty Public Schools

“Jody presents very engaging material, teaches them about the writing process, and students love her books!” – Liz Vannelli, Kellybrook Library Media Specialist, Liberty Public Schools

“The kids loved Jody’s visit. She was engaging and funny. Even a teacher came and told me that Jody was her hero!” Debbie B., Librarian, Rose Acres Elementary, Maryland Heights, MO

“Jody is friendly, approachable and she shares her experiences as an author in an encouraging way that inspires the students to write their own stories. The 3-5 group loved the interactive demonstration of how a book gets a publisher.” 

“I loved her interaction with students during the publishing process skit. She was an all around amazing presenter…I wish we had had more time for her to keep talking about her books. The kids loved listening to her stories.”

“I loved how she interacted with students. They really liked her and she was very sweet with them. I loved when she brought students up with props to act out a scene. Very fun!”

“We enjoyed how personable Jody was and how she interacted with the students. We also enjoyed that she was local!! What a great experience for our kids!”

“I like the way she explained the publishing process by having students come up and play specific roles. Because they were part of it, they were very engaged!”

#KidsNeedMentors video in Maryland Heights, MO


Ridgeview Elementary, Liberty, MO
Shoal Creek Elementary, Liberty, MO
Kellybrook Elementary, Liberty Public Schools
Kellybrook Elementary, Liberty Public Schools
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