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I love talking with kids and adults about reading, writing, and children’s literature. I am available for school and library visits, workshops, and panels. I’m happy to tailor my presentations to your needs.


Prudence, the Part-Time Cow
Prudence, the Part-Time Cow is about a STEM-loving cow who wants to fit in and be herself. Prudence loves science, architecture, and engineering. But her herd thinks she’s gone overboard with her inventions. We’ll read her story, have Q&A, and depending on group make-up, we’ll create our own Prudence-inspired gadgets. Cow Power!

Discussion & Activity Guide PDF for PRUDENCE THE PART-TIME COW

The Way the Cookie Crumbled
Using The Way the Cookie Crumbled as a springboard, we’ll talk about how the process writers use is similar to the process bakers use to make cookies. During this interactive program, we’ll also cover the history of cookies, make some fun cookie crafts, and sneak in some information about cookie chemistry and recipe math.

How Picture Books are Made
From an initial idea through writing, editing, and publishing, we’ll talk about how picture books are made, including what an author does.

Fiction or Nonfiction?
We’ll discuss the characteristics that distinguish fiction from nonfiction and the storyteller’s voice from the reporter’s. Does the writing process work for both kinds of writing? There might be more similarities than you think!

Creating Great Characters
This session is all about tips and techniques for creating characters your readers will want to spend time with.

Writing Poetry
Learn how to write poetry that sings!

(As of January 2017)

FREE 15-minute Skype session
$200 45-minute Skype session
$400 One presentation (30-45 minutes, depending on age of audience)
$700 Two presentations
$800 Full day (3 presentations)

Plus current mileage outside the Liberty area
Airfare, hotels, and meals apply for out-of-state visits

Contact Jody today to discuss fees and to arrange a visit!

Check out these great STEM projects using straws, newspapers, craft sticks, binder clips, and clothespins!

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